Artha Game Studios

We create unimagined worlds and tell stories through games that lead players to discover new worlds they have not been a part of before. We are relentlessly curious, pushing the boundaries of what is possible to create the games of our dreams.

Winner of the Google Game and Application Academy

Our game The Light of the Forest was chosen as the Winner of the Bootcamp.
We are happy and proud to be risen and selected over 300 teams.

*Game and Application Academy implemented in cooperation with the Turkish Entrepreneurship Foundation and T3 Enterprise Center and supported by Google Turkey, T.C. Ministry of Industry and Technology, and T.C. Support of the Presidential Digital Transformation Office.
Who We Are?

As Artha Game Studios

Artha Game Studios is an independent game studio based in İstanbul Turkiye. The company was founded in 2022. Since then, we have made The Light of The Forest. Today, we are a team of 5 creative professionals with a broad range of experience and education. We are working hard to bring The Light of The Forest to more players and make new games.

Say Hi to Aruna!

Like every one of us, Aruna has the cares of the Caewood world on his shoulders.

He is on a journey to restore the light of his planet, which is trapped in darkness. In this journey full of puzzles and traps, he tries not to lose the light from his horn and restore the Tree of Life to its former strength with the element runes he collected from the altars.

Are you ready to go on an adventure that will bring the Tree of Life back to its former power by overcoming the obstacles on this road full of difficulties?

Solve Puzzles
Lighten the world of Caewood
Actual Game Footage

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As one of the jury members nominated Artha Game Studios, I've witnessed their unmatching energy and harmony in game production. This harmony leads to beautiful products with unique key points. There is no doubt they'll be successful if they grow this energy into a company culture during their growth phase.

Efe Küçük
Head of Business Development at Dynasty Studios

Rastgeleliğin güzelliğine inanır mısınız? İnanmıyorsanız veya inanamıyorsanız bende inanamadım, kendinizi yalnız hissetmeyin. Artha takımı rastgelelikten kurulmuş bir oyun üreticisi halinde kısa sayılabilecek bir sürede 2 bin kişinin arasından sıyrılıp olağandışı bir oyun çıkardı. Bundan sonra çıkaracakları oyunları yakından takip ediyor olacağım.

Tolgay Hickiran
Founding Partner at Codeo

Artha is creative, passionate and dedicated. They have built "Light of The Forest" as their first product, which is actually awesome. Surely, we will hear their success stories in the gaming industry in the upcoming years. Looking forward to their next one already!

Atıl Samancıoğlu
Developer & Founder Academy Club