Artha Game Studios

About Us

Artha Game Studios is an independent game studio based in İstanbul, Turkey founded in 2022. As a team of 8 creative professionals with a broad range of experience and education, we are working hard to launch The Light of The Forest and continue to make new games.

Our Mission

Creating games that have a strong storyline and supporting them with visual elements through a unique atmosphere and design language.

Our Goals

Giving players the excitement to discover new worlds that they have not been a part of before through a dynamic journey.

Why Us?

We are a team that gathers from different fields with the same goal. We are gathering different perspectives and technical knowledge into one. While our diverse backgrounds make us think and perceive broader, sharing the same excitement and motivation to create makes our path clear. We do not doubt that the nature of our team takes us to achieve success.
Our Team

We are making games!

Halime Beyza Çiçek

Co-Founder & Game Designer

Zeynep Özge Yalçın

Co-Founder & Game Designer

Ömer Öztin

Co-Founder & Game Developer

Alican Saygın

3D Artist

Mertcan Üzer

3D Artist

Alperen Yeşil

Game Developer

Berkay Havuk

Business Specialist

What are we doing?

Game Development

We are developing games for desktop and mobile with strong storylines supported by high graphics.

3D Art

We have lots of stories to tell through our unique approaches to design.

Artificial Intelligence

We are pushing our and today’s boundaries with current technologies and developments to create new experiences.

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