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The Light of The Forest


The Light of the Forest is a stylized adventure,
a story of searching for orbs of light and bringing alive the sun of Caewood.

It's the turn of the land of Caewood for Mgoua, famous for stealing the lights of the planets and drowning them in darkness. His target here is the sun of the forest deep in the elven forest. The roots of the sun are said to reach every corner of the planet. This Tree of Life, the sun of Caewood, is known for its brilliance and strength and its light never goes out. Mgoua wants to have this power by seizing Caewood, especially for this.

Unaware of all this, our character sleeping in the tree bed, wakes up one morning and realizes that the sun has not yet risen. He realizes something is wrong and sets out to find out what is happening, but because of the weak light on his horns, he troubles to see around. Nothing brightens the night except moonlight and fireflies. He collides with the light orbs and realizes that this shiny orb is amplifying the light in his horns. Thus, our character, who can see the environment a little brighter, sees that the Tree of Life no longer shines after a while. The forest of Caewood is left in darkness when its sun is stolen and is doomed to extinction.

Our character, who can strengthen the light in his horns with light spheres, realizes that the light in his horns gradually decreases over time. And he starts walking through the forest to look for more balls of light. If the power of his light runs out, he will succumb to eternal darkness. Our character must reach the altars bypassing the platforms in front of him. He will restore the Tree of Life to its former strength with the element runes he collected from the altars.

Are you ready to go on an adventure that will bring the Tree of Life back to its former power by overcoming the obstacles on this road full of difficulties?

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